The last question!

What other information do you need or topics do you want to discuss on Saturday?

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8 Responses to The last question!

  1. Sarah says:

    I enjoyed all of the adaptations you shared the last time we met. Any additional ideas would be great!

  2. Marguerite says:

    I’ve been wondering where I can get access to the Core Requirements. Perhaps a link has already been shared and I’ve forgotten? Since I’m not active in the public schools I am a bit out of the loop with the requirements. I’d love to know exactly what they are. I also seem to recall reading something recently in the Omaha World Herald about new Arts Core Requirements for Nebraska. Thanks for your help!

  3. fsillau says:


    I am working on getting a copy of the arts standards for you!

  4. Tim Marsden says:

    I guess one thing I always want is more insight from the special ed teachers. I think we have some great opportunities in the arts to really help students be creative, express themselves, and find a place among their peers. And I always think we could really enhance and differentiate the sped classes if we knew what we could do to help. I suppose the ieps and just being in contact with the teachers is best, but I always feel we could do more.

  5. curt says:

    I would like more discussion on adaptations versus modifications. What should guide us in our decision making? How do you negotiate between individual needs and classroom function? The biggest area I wrestle with is anticipating the individual differences, and potential problems . Like all teachers, I am out numbered and having a bigger toolbox of solutions would help. Although as I think about this, I think the most important tool in my toolbox is me, specifically how I think. Am I open to new solutions? Am I promoting problem solving and creativity? I would like to hear more thoughts on this.

  6. curt says:

    Great class. If anyone is interested, here is the website that has nets for making 3-d paper constructions