Cultivating Authentically Inclusive Classrooms and Performance Space for Individuals with Disabilities in Theater For Young Audiences

This one-day, multi-faceted workshop will be grounded in best practice and imbedded with practical hands-on strategies that TYA professionals can deploy immediately as it relates to including individuals with disabilities in TYA professional artistic and administrative practice.

The facilitator will meet each individual where they are and move forward from there. The sessions will be broken into several parts and designed so that individuals will only attend the whole group session and the specific session that directly impacts his or her department. The facilitator will be available for follow-up consultation with individuals and groups via zoom.

Here is how it works!

  • Prior to the beginning of the workshop, the facilitator will conduct a pre-session consultation with theater stakeholders/department heads to assess with each department where they are on their journey for inclusion of individuals with disabilities.
  • Following the pre-session consultation, the facilitator will meet with the Artistic Director or Managing Director (or IDEA committee) to discuss ideal strategies for moving forward.
  • The facilitator will take all the information and develop a personalized hands-on training just for the institution. There will be a whole-group session lasting approximately 60 minutes, and then individual sessions for each department lasting up to two hours, depending on the content that needs to be covered.
  • Following the individual sessions, the facilitator will debrief with leadership and set up post consultation sessions for departments or individuals (via zoom).

Fee: $3,000–Travel and lodging cost additional  

Currently working with-

Trike Theatre, Betonville, AR

The Wilson Performing Arts Center, Red Oak, IA

Omaha Perfoming Arts, Omaha, NE

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