Sillau’s Arts Education Approaches at a Glance
Students of all ages must learn to collaborate and communicate, and theatre is a fun and educational way to practice this real-life skill. Participants in residencies conducted by Fran Sillau will have many opportunities to practice communication skills through improvisation, creative drama, and storytelling. Since no two groups of students are alike, Sillau’s lesson plans are built to accommodate specific classrooms; this includes a classroom visit before beginning the residency when possible. Sillau offers a wide range of programs, and can tailor his residencies to serve any type of learner in any classroom setting.
Below are examples of programs for specific groups of students:

 Lesson Plan 1 – Exploring Your Abilities (5 Day)

 Lesson Plan 2 – Exploring Your Abilities (1 Day)

 Lesson Plan 3 – Anansi the Spider

 Lesson Plan 4 – Staff Development: Theatre in the Classroom

Below are the handouts from the Kennedy Center Conference…Enjoy!

 Tico and the Golden Wings

 TICO in Spanish

 UDL With Tico Activities

 Loesl Communication Art Board


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