Question #6 and an important reminder!

Have you ever, in the moment, created an adaptation for a task that you didn’t even know you needed to consider?  What was going on that needed your adaptive strategy thinking?  What did you do to adapt for the situation?  How did it go? Did you figure it out right away, or did it take a few adjustments to get it right?  Was it something that you added to your own “toolbox of tricks” for the next time?  Tell us about your “on the spot” creative adaptive moment.


Also, if you have not given your order to Sue about what $25.00 worth of FREE adaptive items you would like to have for your classroom…have it in to her (e-mail) by Tues at 5pm! Please take advantage of this fantastic offer!

If you don’t know what i am talking about e-mail me and i will fill you in!


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