Question #4

Hi all!

Thank you for being such a supportive and engaging group to work with! For this week, find a fable that resonates with you. It could be your favorite one, or one that teaches a moral that you might consider using in the future. We would like you to consider one different adapted/accommodated activities that you could do with a group of 12-5th grade students with various challenges in an inclusive placement, 6 students have challenges. The challenges that are presented by this group are 1 student with a hearing impairment, 2 students with cognitive challenges that function at about a second grade level, 2 students with physical challenges-one student in a wheelchair with limited mobility in her arms poor fine motor skills in her hands, and another student who is ambulatory, yet only has use of his non-dominant hand ( the other arm and hand can hold things down for support, but there are no fine motor skills.) and 1 student with a visual impairment, so that she works really close to the workspace to see what she is doing ( and is incredibly independent!). Using your own modality ( art, music, theatre, etc.), OR ANY or a couple of modalities, create 1 activities with adaptations that are based on your chosen fable for use with this group of students.

In case you would like a format, ( but you do not need to follow it) here is a basic one.

1. Name of Fable-tell us why you chose it.

2. Briefly describe an activity that you create after being inspired from your fable.

3. Indicate how you would plan to adapt it for the group of students indicated, or how you would adapt the activity specifically for one or more students. Consider any kind of adaptive strategy, from tools to templates, to creative interventions.


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